Office of Fire Chief

Perry Township Fire Chief

L Michael Padgett


Past Chiefs

Tracy Rose 06/2014-12/2015



Jerrad Blacker 01/2000 - 06/2014











A Message From Chief Blacker:

"Do your part, be involved in something bigger than yourself"......

This is the attitude many of our volunteers have in Perry Township. It is our goal to continue to train to become our best and be integrated in our community, through our programs and events, to establish a community partnership. Our group of dedicated men and women do not see themselves as just volunteers. It is our belief we "volunteered" once, which was volunteering to become a member of the department. The furtherence of our membership is a committement, just like any other career. To be your best you must be committed to giving of your time and energy. This is what makes our department great, the dedication of the many who serve with Perry Township Fire.

As the Fire Chief, I devote my time to enhancing not only the quality of performance by our members, but to that of others as well. I continue to advocate for improvements in multi-jurisdictional communications, uniformity in multi-department operations, identifying problems within public service,  with lessons-learned and educating others on the need for leadership development. I strive to enable our members to learn the neccessary leadership skills to provide for a safe and efficient operational environment for all department members. I am dedicated to making Perry Township Fire, a department the community can trust and depend on in their times of need.


John 15:13 "There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends"

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